[ind_about_details title=”We’ve got stainless steel covered” subtitle=”Stainless steel is versatile, durable and hygienic, so the options for its use really are endless.”]These are the main services we offer, however we can basically fabricate anything from stainless steel, and we love a challenge![/ind_about_details]
[ind_about title=”STAINLESS STEEL OUTDOOR KITCHENS AND BBQ STANDS” description=”Ackland Stainless Steel have made a name for ourselves over the last few years for producing high quality and extremely functional stainless steel outdoor kitchens and BBQ stands.”]
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[ind_about title=”BENCHES & BENCHTOPS” description=”Ackland Stainless Steel has a flawless reputation for producing high quality stainless steel Benches and Benchtops, for both Domestic and Commercial use.”]
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[ind_about title=”TABLES, TABLE FRAMES & TROLLEYS” description=”We fabricate custom designed tables, table frames and trolleys, for both domestic and commercial use.”]
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[ind_about title=”STAINLESS STEEL BALUSTRADES & HANDRAILS” description=”Over the years we have fabricated and installed a wide variety of stainless steel balustrades for both domestic and commercial use.

We also ensure that all aspects of your stainless steel balustrading conforms with Australian Government safety guidelines.”]

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[ind_about title=”BARS & MOBILE BARS” description=”Stainless steel is ideal for bars; versatile, durable and hygienic.

Ackland Stainless Steel have designed and produced a range of mobile and fixed bars, big and small, for both domestic and commercial use.”]

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[ind_about title=”GENERAL FABRICATION” description=”We can basically fabricate anything from stainless steel, and we love a challenge!”]
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